Sunday, January 7, 2018

Welcome to 2018...

   Happy New Year to Everyone....I am still coming back !

Welcome to grab the free digis here....God Bless !

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just in Time for Halloween ...Babycakes Digis

 Lots of new digis on my Etsy Shop...
My DT's have made some of the greatest projects out of them and lot more to come
New DT  listings  are listed on each Monday...

Just in time for Halloween...

 #718- Mummified Pork
#1050- The Web Master

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Should I open this Blog Back Up

Should I Open  this Blog Back that I am selling my digis / doodles on Etsy again
I wondered...what do you think?
There are still some FREE digis here... Copy and  Paste and use.

Remember give credit where credit is due... And no Mass production ...and you may not sell this design. The copyright remain with me.
S. Caldwell...

Please make a comment...what do you think ...stay or nay ?

Thanks and Have a good day

Monday, October 26, 2015


Jan , 2015..... I moved from Squigglefly to Sweet sell my digis,
Well today I got the news....SWEET PEAS is CLOSING as of Nov. 25, 2015.
This is getting really hard to keep handmade digis / doodles out there for you all to use. I love all the great card, ACEOS , and Tags you make but sales keep us going. Both sites closed due to low sales and health issues. I will miss Lynette of Sweet Peas, she was a very nice lady. And I hope her health improves and her creativity continues...maybe with her cookies ! They sure look yummy !
Watch for my post here to let you know what I will be going to opening next. I plan to keep drawing. God gave me a talent and I feel I want to keep using it. See you soon.

Drop by and get your last digis and rubber stamps soon...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Squigglefly is closing... so sad!!

Hello again...sad news is all I get to post.

 Soon as I find a new place to show you my digis.
I lose them...
After 6 months on Squigglefly...I am sad to say they are closing.

I am sure you heard about the VAT tax on etsy.
Well it is hurting all the downloadable digis sites.
If you are in the U.S.A....paying tax here is enough !!
Some  shops will be ok...but some need sales to make it pay.
I know you like the FREE digis...but the more we give away...the less you buy !
And that is really hurting sales for us designers.

I still have some of  my digis here...for sale , but they must be emailed to you.
And a bill sent thru Paypal to buy them.
Contact me at  :

Thanks for your support
It is greatly appreciated !!


Monday, December 29, 2014

RETIRED all the Digis from Babycakes This and That

Hello name is Sandra and this blog is one of my fun blog to visit. I have had some health issues and not been here for a while.
But the reason for my visit here digi designs on here , are all being RETIRED.
Sorry to do this but I can no long have my digis on Etsy for sale. However you will still be able to buy my digi on

Thanks for all your support.

I will still have some FREEBIES here every once and a while for your to play with.
Thanks again for your visits.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Queen Kat Designs are CLOSING ...Rubber Stamps ending !

For the last 2 years I have had rubber stamps by Queen Kat Designs. And  I posted  cards made by Holley  Barnhart and other artists here using some of those rubber stamps. Well they are CLOSING their doors as of midnight tonight. Thanks to QKD was a fun run.
The designs they had of mine ( S. Caldwell / Babycakes ) will soon be available as digi doodles. Watch for them here or on Etsy. If you have any me .


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Downloadable digi doodles from Babycakes

Hello...Thought I would let you all know....all my digi doodles on Etsy are now downloadable....Easy to purchase and receive.
The more you buy the more FREE ones you get.

For every 3 you get one FREE.
Thanks for your support and watch for more new digi doodle soon.
Thanks and Have a great day !


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Extra Freebie from Babycakes - Scrapbook Place Contest

 Extra Freebie from Babycakes Doodle This and That
As you know ...Scrapbook Place Blog
 has a Contest Party this past month.
Hope you joined in the fun...I did ! I loved all the items made using my freebie  below.
If you did not get to join in ...they are strill here .Grab them now !
Well as a surprise ... I wanted to give  another freebie for honoring
my digi doodle for their contest in April.
"Thanks so much to all the joined in"
Special Thanks to Holley & Pat for the showcase of my digi doodle designs.
You are both the best...
Hope you has fun...and hope you will leave me and them a comment
when you drop by to grab this freebie.
A comment is alwayed appreciate...but it sure makes me want
 to give out more freebies.
Watch for my upcoming big sale on my digi doodles soon !
Everyone can use a discount.
Keep Creating  & Thanks!!
Grab this...
La Fluers  Freebie by
Babycakes Digi Doodles
Oh...dont forget to drop by Scrapbook Place Blog  and
see who won the contest and the great prizes.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Freebie Digi doodle for Contest

Here are the Freebies you are to
 use in the Scrapbook Place Blog Contest .
So you do not have to go look...grab them all here.
Please leave a comment you grabbed them and join as a follower.
Thanks and Good Luck

After you make you items...
post them on your own blog, website and  here to enter to win prizes. :

Contest thru April 2013


Buy , Freebies, Contest and more ...

I saw this and laughed....
I know some of you drop by and take a look and copy my idea
 , or designs...and my granddaughter just said to me...
"It is the most sincere form of  flattery"....
So ahead of time ...Thanks You !!
I see you and know where you come from.
But remember ...if you like my style...BUY
Help keep me here a digi doodle and get one FREE.
Also join in  on Scrapbook Place  Blog Contest using my designs....
Their  Contest will go through April, so if you haven't had time yet, there's still plenty!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Babycakes ...Look what I made !

Here are the 3 designs I came up with from my
free digi doodle that they are using for
Your Scrapbook Place Contest.
This was a hard challenge for me...I am my worst critic.
But I did it and hope you like what I came up with...
If you leave a comment  here now. Add my link to your blog.
I will send you a FREE surprise digi doodle now .
( P.S... I need a email)


Join in the contest yourself....!



Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Babycakes presents - Your Scrapbook Place Giveaway

Do you like to join in on Scrapbooking and crafting fun ?
Like to win Freebies ?
Then drop by here:

My friends Holley, Pat, and a few others have come up with this  fun time over on...
Your Scrapbook Place.

Holley took some of my digi doodles and made this cute card. What can you do with my free digi doodles ?
Make something  and earn a chance to win prizes.
drop by and read the info and how tos by the link above.
Enjoy... Sandra

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Winners are ?

First I would like to say Thanks to all of you who played my Anniversary Game. I wish I could give you all a prize.
 Please continue to visit Babycakes Doodle This & That.
Your support and suggestions can only make my blog better.
Congratulations to all the winners and now .

Drum Roll Please.........
 My hubby pulled the names in this order so it's his fault!!

Happy Easter to All

Winner List :

4th place goes to Pat
3rd place goes to Holley
2nd place goes to Lady Bug Stampers
1 st place goes to Debbie of Woolen Sails

Congrats to  all the Winners
 Thanks again for sharing this wonderful
day with me and my hubby !!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Babycakes Anniversary Contest...Make a Comment and Enter to Win

Anniversary Contest
Mr. & Mrs. C.
It's our 40th Anniversary on...
March 27th
I will be married to the same guy for 40 years in a few days.
So thought I would let you all celebrate with me...
and give away some gifts.
How do you win ?
Make a comment below in this post.
Tell me how many years you have been married,
 and the best thing about it ?
(After forty years I do know...
I have been very lucky, to have a wonderful husband
he's my best friend, my love, my loan officer, and partner)
I will select  4 winners to celebrate 40 years !!
(2)  winners will receive 2 FREE Digi doodles
(2) winners will receive 1 FREE Digi doodle
 Signups end  at midnight tonite !!
And then your name goes in the hat to win your choice of any ( see prize change)2 FREE
digi doodle here from me Babycakes.
Good Luck everyone !!
Thanks for the comments,
and for sharing your stories !
I will close the signups on March 27th and post the winner
on March 28th...please check back to see if you won...
I will need your email to send you your prize!
Good Luck to you all in your marriages and this game.
Sorry ...This Contest is CLOSED !! 
Grab this FREEBIE  below !!
Happy Easter !!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Freebie on Babycakes Doodle This & That

Celebration for Holley
Is coming to a end here on
 Babycakes Doodle This & That
But before  it ends...
1 last FREEBIE for you for the fun Celebration.

Here is another FREEBIE digi doodle for you all...
This one is called..."Love Conquers All"
It is my final FREE digi doodle for this month for Holley Celebration
of  3 year anniversary of her Brain Surgery!!
I hope you will leave Holley a final comment here...
and let her and me know you snatched it
and that you enjoyed the celebration here as well.
 "Love Conquer All " Digi Doodle
Below is what Holley made...
She always does such a wonderful job on her cards.
Thanks...Holley for sharing this with us.
Do drop by Holley's Blog for her giveaways
 prize winners names for this month,
 you might have won something.

Oh don't forget that all digi doodles on my blog are on SALE also.
Buy 2 get a FREE digi doodle.
 ( a free list of choice has been posted for you)

Thanks for visiting , buying or looking.
Open 24/7
Comments & requests welcome

Now enjoy your FREEBIE from Holley & me !

P.S.   Drop by again next month ( March) for my
 40th Anniversary FREEBIE...
and more new digi doodles coming !

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Babycakes #2 Freebie Digi Doodle for Holley's Celebration

Celebration for Holley
Here is another FREEBIE digi doodle for you all...
This one is called..."For You "
Don't forget to come back  on the 28th  for the final
Freebie  digi doodle for this month's celebration.

This FREEBIE is for you to snatch up today to help
celebrate mine & your friend Holley's  3 year anniversary of Brain Surgery!!
Please leave a comment that you snatched it
and let Holley know you supported her all this month !!

This below is what Holley did with this digi doodle "For You" Flower Pot
She really does a beautiful job on her cards !
Thanks...Holley for sharing this with us.
Do drop by Holley's Blog for more giveaways this month.
Don't forget to come back on the 28th for the last
Freebie digi doodle for this month's celebration.
Oh don't forget that all digi doodles on the blog are on SALE  also.
Buy 2 get a FREE digi doodle.
Thanks for visiting , buying or looking.
Open 24/7
Comments & requests welcome
Now enjoy your FREEBIE from Holley & me !

Monday, February 18, 2013

Babycakes Digi Doodle This & That


Item # 48- NEW ITEM !!
Name of Item - Flowers Galore Digi Doodle
Price - $3.00
Purchase here on Etsy:

            RETIRED !

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Babycakes Digi Doodle This & That


Item # 44 - NEW ITEM !!

Name of Item -Valentine Sweetie Digi Doodle

Price - $2.50

Purchase here on Etsy:

                RETIRED !

Saturday, February 9, 2013

FREEBIE for Holley Celebration

Don't forget to come back  on the 19th  for the next
Freebie  digi doodle for this celebration.
This FREEBIE for you to snatch  is up today to help celebrate my friend Holley's  3 year anniversary of Brain Surgery!! 
Please leave a comment that you  snatched it and let Holley know you support her month !!  See above what Holley did with thie digi doodle "Hanging Heart"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Babycakes This & That Digi Doodles

Doodle This & That

Item - #43  NEW

Name - Me Bunny Digi Doodle

To purchase on Etsy :

       RETIRED !

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BabycakesThis & That Digi Doodle


Item # 42 - NEW ITEM !!

Name of Item -Puppy Love Digi Doodle

Price - $2.50

Purchase here on Etsy:

           RETIRED !

Friday, February 1, 2013

Celebration begins with FREEBIES and Drum Roll

DRUM ROLL...and the Celebration begins...
All the new Digi Doodles on the blog are in celebration of Holley's 3 year of health.
Plus if you buy 2 digi doodles you get a FREEBIE added to your order.
I have added lots of new digi doodles here...
they are easy to purchase on Etsy and receive thru email quickly.
Hope you all like them... and in celebration of Valentine Day...
I call this Sale ... 
 Babycakes Love Me or Love Me Not.
          3 Special Days Giveaways
  On ( Feb. 9th) - I will post a FREEBIE drop by and grab it and
please leave a comment for Holley !
 On (Feb. 19th) - I will post another FREEBIE , drop by and grab it and please remember to leave Holley a message.
 On ( Feb. 28th)- I will post my last  FREEBIE giveaway for the month of Feb.
Thanks so much  for stopping by...
hope you enjoyed the FREEBIES and did leave a comment.
And make something beautiful with my design.
I hope Babycakes This & That Digi Doodles
will become one of your favorite place to visit.
Open 24/7
Remember all designs are originals and the copyright remain with me.
Please do not mass produce, sell , or use as a logo without my permission,
 or change the design in any way.
 Use it to make your cards, paint, give as gifts, or
 sell at a boutiques in small qualities.

Thanks  and
Happy Valentine to you all
Sandra of Babycakes This & That
 Thanks to Holley for allowing me to join in the February  fun.

Babycakes This & That Digi Doodles


Item # 41 - NEW ITEM !!

Name of Item -Queenie Bee Gal Digi Doodle

Price - $2.50

Purchase here on Etsy:

                RETIRED !