Monday, April 29, 2013

Freebie Digi doodle for Contest

Here are the Freebies you are to
 use in the Scrapbook Place Blog Contest .
So you do not have to go look...grab them all here.
Please leave a comment you grabbed them and join as a follower.
Thanks and Good Luck

After you make you items...
post them on your own blog, website and  here to enter to win prizes. :

Contest thru April 2013


Buy , Freebies, Contest and more ...

I saw this and laughed....
I know some of you drop by and take a look and copy my idea
 , or designs...and my granddaughter just said to me...
"It is the most sincere form of  flattery"....
So ahead of time ...Thanks You !!
I see you and know where you come from.
But remember ...if you like my style...BUY
Help keep me here a digi doodle and get one FREE.
Also join in  on Scrapbook Place  Blog Contest using my designs....
Their  Contest will go through April, so if you haven't had time yet, there's still plenty!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Babycakes ...Look what I made !

Here are the 3 designs I came up with from my
free digi doodle that they are using for
Your Scrapbook Place Contest.
This was a hard challenge for me...I am my worst critic.
But I did it and hope you like what I came up with...
If you leave a comment  here now. Add my link to your blog.
I will send you a FREE surprise digi doodle now .
( P.S... I need a email)


Join in the contest yourself....!



Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Babycakes presents - Your Scrapbook Place Giveaway

Do you like to join in on Scrapbooking and crafting fun ?
Like to win Freebies ?
Then drop by here:

My friends Holley, Pat, and a few others have come up with this  fun time over on...
Your Scrapbook Place.

Holley took some of my digi doodles and made this cute card. What can you do with my free digi doodles ?
Make something  and earn a chance to win prizes.
drop by and read the info and how tos by the link above.
Enjoy... Sandra