Thursday, November 19, 2015

Should I open this Blog Back Up

Should I Open  this Blog Back that I am selling my digis / doodles on Etsy again
I wondered...what do you think?
There are still some FREE digis here... Copy and  Paste and use.

Remember give credit where credit is due... And no Mass production ...and you may not sell this design. The copyright remain with me.
S. Caldwell...

Please make a comment...what do you think ...stay or nay ?

Thanks and Have a good day


  1. I am still following and maybe you can promote some new designs or a giveaway to get followers back.


  2. Blogs are good to find out all the technique and product info, can't do that the same on FB.

    1. Yes that is true...I not big on what pens you use...but I do know all I learned about the arts I do and did are important. You ladies use pens and paper and card stock and embellishments and need to know where to find them. ...just might be a way for you all to post what you like and use. Thank for the heads up Nikki.

  3. I love blogs and seem to visit them more often than FB. I would love to see you start this back up again. :)

    as for the freebies on your sidebar, I am not able to access them. is there a special trick? the links show they are no longer available and 'download' leads to a blank page. thanks just the same though.

    your images are so much fun!

    1. Sorry you are right the links no longer work Jennifer... but any that are on here that re black and white that you can copy and are welcome to grab ! Thanks for the support! Sandra