Thursday, January 31, 2013

Special Celebration Time on Babycakes This & That

Hello my friends....
It's time to start off this wonderful new year with a Special Celebration .

And what are we celebrating you ask ?

My special friend...
Holley Tondre Barnhart's of ( Holley's Blog)
her 3 years of life & good health.
Holley is also a good customer here on Babycakes This & That Digi Doodles and good friend.
She also is one of the Queen’s Court  on Queen Kat Designs,
  and since I am one of the QKD artist designers... Holley sometimes make a beautiful card using one of my designs for her blog , rubber stamps or  for her challenges.
Like those posted here.
She really makes me look good...and I so appreciate her talent !
I am so happy she loves to use my designs and hope you all like them as well.
Now after 2 year up  on this blog  myself , some of the designs have been RETIRED recently. But I have been working hard to get new one up and you will be able to purchase them thru my Etsy page, which will be a lot easier for you.

When Holley told me all she had been thru, and I read her story , about all the major surgeries  and the up and down with her health issues, her job and her life in general.
She has truly been blessed to have this new beginning with her art and cards. It was a big challenge and change for her I am sure and her family as well, but she has come a long way.
 She is so talented, her eye for color is outstanding!
And her heart and mind is strong.
( I ), we all are blessed to have her share her cards with us daily.
 I was so honored when she asked me to be part of her celebration.
Today and tomorrow I will be posting more new digi doodles and watch for all the FREEBIES coming soon for the month of February in Holley's honor...
We are have a Special Celebration planned for all month long.

And Thank you all for dropping by,
whether you be a looker or a shopper,
you will always be welcome at Babycakes This & That.

“ From my drawing board to you”

Love Me or Love Me Not...
Happy Valentines to You All


  1. What a wonderful story of survival and courage, and I see she has a sense of humor. I have been fighting lyme symptoms and treatment for over a year now and creating is what keeps me sane.


  2. Debbie, Thanks so much for your comment. I know what you mean, I have fibromyalgia and sometimes art is all I have. I do know we all have fight in us. Love to post some more of your work with my designs soon. Takecare sweetie...

  3. so wonderful Sandra, I am so delighted and very honored. I can't wait to see all the wonderful new stamps that you come up with and I just love your designs. Hugs, Holley

  4. Thanks my friend...together we will create for as long as we can. Have a wonderful celebration !!

  5. Wow Sandra that is so sweet. Holley is my cousin and on of the closest friends I have and we love her dearly. Thank you so much for the sweet comments you made about Holley. She has the biggest heart I have ever seen and me and my family love and care for Holley so much. She is so special to use and our family really appreciate the special gift you have made for her. Thank you again! and GOD BLESS YOU :)

  6. Your images are so cute and I know what you mean about Holley, I think she could take something someone scribbled and make a masterpiece out of it. She is so talented. I just love seeing what she is going to do next.