Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Birthday Cupcake Poem 2011

I woke up this morning
And what did I see...
My Hubby and 2 grandkids and son
Looking at me
They all of a sudden
They all seem to say...
Happy Birthday Grandma...Honey it's today
I got 2 lovely cards
With words from the heart
That they gave me
And then I read
Would you like decafe coffee
My wonderful hubby asks
I smile, and wiped my eye
Yes please I said
As I thought
What a wonderful day
To spend with my family
I know this will be fun
Then all of sudden
We were off on the run
For breakfast what do you want
We are ready to eat
And time to go to football practice
We jumped to our feet
Then school shopping for granddaughter we go
does it ever cease... I say no
My birthday seem forgotten
as they had plans for the day.
Then my hubby did a wonderful thing for me
He made me some Cupcakes...his way
And mowed the lawn
Again just for me
He even took us for Chinese dinner
Just us three
Then everyone came back home
And my birthday song they all did sang
Now I sit here writing
This poem about my great day

Thanks to everyone far and near
For the Birthday Wishes
And my family that loves me...I give a big cheer

I loved all the calls and words you all said
I even made it another year
My hair a little more gray
All over my head
And 60 lbs I did shed
But I feel this was a greatest day
to have my loved one near

Them singing Happy Birthday...
still rings in my ear

Sandra 2011

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