Monday, April 4, 2011


DOODLE THIS AND THAT ... GRAND OPENING GIVEAWAY I have a new Blog and some wonderful doodles for sale.. Remember to sign up to win a couple of prizes... This is how you get entries. One entry per person for each thing you do ( 4 total) This is what you do ( must do all 4 things to be entered) : 1. Pick your favorite doodle. 2. Leave a comment on it and and your contact info. 3. Join to follow my blog. 4. And for just coming to my blog You will then be enter to win 2 Prizes... a Finished Doodle Prize and a FREE doodle of your choice. Thanks for your support and Hoppy Easter SORRY GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED AT MIDNUGHT 4/10/2011 The winners are both Lenzie & Kay Tee...Congratulations !! I will email you both soon. Thanks for your comments.


  1. I adore tem #11- Cupcake Baker Doodle. You'e so inspirational!!! My contact info is ((HUGS))

  2. ONG I love that doddle and it is hard to wait for it. I want make a PN creation using your doddle. "creating memories for the soul" Lenzie

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Sandra - I've sent you and email. :)

    ...Conrats to you too LenZie. :)